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A broad range of expertise and experience is utilized in every project undertaken by A & R Resources. We excel at integration of diverse types of data to provide the best solutions for our clients.

Studies can range in size from one interval within a single well to multi-basin regional projects.

In addition, A & R Resources offers several Short Courses and Field Seminars. Topics are organized in modules that can be mixed to create customized Geoscience Training to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Services Offered

A & R Resources provides expertise in several aspects of Petroleum Geology, including:

  • Detailed interpretations of sequence stratigraphy and depositional facies and systems in carbonate and siliciclastic rocks, utilizing any combination of well logs, seismic data (2-D or 3-D), cuttings, core, and outcrop data;
  • Reservoir characterization in siliciclastic, carbonate, and fractured reservoirs;
  • Integration of petroleum systems and basin analysis to generate play concepts;
  • Prospect evaluation;
  • Integration of pertinent outcrop data with subsurface data to enhance evaluation of petroleum potential (source, seal, reservoir, migration pathways) of lease blocks.

Geographic Areas Worked

A & R Resources has domestic and international experience in the following areas:

• Texas/Louisiana Gulf Coast

• West Texas

• New Mexico

• Rocky Mountain Region

• Canadian Arctic

• Venezuela

• Offshore Brazil

• Offshore West Africa

• Caspian Sea (Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan) and

• Pakistan.



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